Believe it or not, a lot of authors find choosing topics for their books to be their number one problem whether it be fiction or non- fiction. Either they don’t know which book they want to write first, or they just know they want to write a book but can’t decide on a topic. In this article we will tackle both of these problems so you can start out writing without anymore delays. The thing is, the answers are simple. You just have to unlock the secret.

First we’ll start with not knowing which book you want to write. The question is, is it fiction or non-fiction? At this point, you probably have several on the top of your head that you want to write about but you need to start off on the right track and you do this by choosing one book now and saving the others for the later. In the book Become A Published Author In 7 Easy Steps, you will learn all the techniques you will need to help you from start to finish. Not only that, but you will be able to create outlines, develop a writer’s mindset, set up a writing environment so you can write without being disturbed, and the list goes on. You can write two books at a time if you want, but to make things simple, you had better just better start with one. This happens to me as well cause I will find myself working on two or three books at a time but will soon lose track and have to put the other two aside. So if you’re just starting out, writing one book at a time will be best.

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